Travel/Mini 2oz Antibacterial Liquid Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser with 8oz Refill, All Natural

Travel/Mini 2oz Antibacterial Liquid Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser with 8oz Refill, All Natural


Free Shipping!! All Natural Ingredients include Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap, Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils, Comfrey and Calendula Oils in a BPA Free, Leak Proof Dispenser.

I have personally carried this in my purse for weeks and it has not leaked and has been a great product to have. Ever go to wash your hands in a public restroom and no soap? UGH!

Tea Tree essential oil can kill antibiotic resistant germs like MRSA, making it a must these days. Lavender is one of the best essential oils that you can get because it can pretty much do it all. I infused the Comfrey and Calendula oils myself using organic ingredients. Comfrey is great as an infection killer and healer and Calendula is amazing for sensitive, dry or irritated skin. My recipe is great for not only killing germs but also keeps your skin soft, even if you use it repeatedly.

I do not make products ahead of time. When you order, it will be made just for you. My promise to you is that you get the best most effective product that is all natural. I only use organic, natural and/or Non GMO ingredients in all of my products. In the making of my products, I use only stainless steel, ceramic and/or glass. My goal is to live as toxin free as possible and I pass that integrity on to you. This is my passion, to do what I can to stop companies from poisoning us with toxic ingredients just to make money. I never knew how bad it was until I started researching my own health problems and now I am determined to stop it.

*Disclaimer: This product and information has not been evaluated by the FDA. As with any product, perform a small test area before applying to a larger area. Discontinue use in the event of adverse reaction. This product and information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Keep out of the reach of children. External use only. Not for ingestion. The safety of this product has not been determined. If pregnant or under a doctor's care, consult your physician.

30 day money back guarantee with buyer to pay for return shipping. As soon as the item is received and inspected your money will be returned in the form you paid.

Please contact me with any question at or use the Contact me tab at the bottom of my home page.

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