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I am a hard working single mother. I say that first because that is my greatest accomplishment, raising my son alone. He is over 18 now and taking his education farther and I am one proud mom. I have recently discovered the healing power of rocks, crystals and minerals and I continue to be amazed by them daily. They have been used in healing for thousands for years all over the world. You will also find them in the bible. Gods Heavenly city is built of 12 different crystals and God instructed Moses to put crystals on the breast plate of the high priests. My lovely friends have let me experiment with them, because of that I have so many wonderful stories to share. I have cured the night terrors of 3 small children with a necklace, cured allergies of several friends with Aquamarine and/or Larimar, cured anxiety attacks with rocks being wore in their pocket, diminished pain with Hematite, rid negative attitudes with Black Tourmaline and the list goes on and on. My hopes with my jewelry is to change the lives of people in a good healthy way. Or at least share my knowledge to help people overcome obstacles and better their life, even if they buy nothing. I am not honestly in this to make money, I am in this to help the universe, heal Mother Earth and all the beautiful beings living on this beautiful planet. Let your light shine!! Namaste

P.S. I found a video on YouTube that explains how crystals heal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqcsILzUZh8&list=WL&index=191

Crystals are not meant to replace medications or specific doctors orders. They are meant to compliment and aid your medications, exercise, diet and daily routine.