Aquamarine Gemstone Necklace for Seasonal Allergies and Stress Relief 17"


Aquamarine is a true miracle when it comes to seasonal allergy relief. I have helped well over 50 people with an Aquamarine pendant. It is real and it works, guaranteed!!

What you get with your order: Printed summary of each gemstone, Care instructions, Energetic cleansing and charging instructions, a beautiful organza bag. I cleanse and charge every item and send it in a bag of rice so that it does not absorb energies during shipping.

Stone of Clarity - Stone of Communication - Power of the Sea
Is great for calming the mind, invoking tolerance, being judgemental, to break self defeating programs, for intellect and reason when decision making, brings unfinished business to a conclusion and sooths fears. It clears blocked communication, self expression and helps you understand your emotions. It reduces stress, gives courage and clears confusion. It also shields your aura and aligns your Chakras. It treats: thyroid problems, swollen glands, hay fever, sore throats and regulates hormones. It strengthens cleansing organs, digestive tract, bladder and kidneys. It also helps with panic attacks, colds, immune and autoimmune. Great for the eyes, teeth, stomach and respiratory system.

Gemstones can support you on your healing journey by amping up the other things that you are doing. Working on a subtle level, they tap into your inner healer. Our body is naturally receptive to the vibration, resonance and color of the gemstones, embracing its energy as it heals. They have a precise geometric pattern in their molecuar structure that gives that base resonant frequency a precise pattern for us to connect with energetically.

The benefit of using jewelry in crystal healing comes from the fact that jewelry is worn on our energy meridians, which are energy channels 'transporting' life force energy throughout the body. This makes jewelry is a magnificent way to have the transformative energies from Earths healers to be transported as well.

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