Healing With Essential Oils

Essential oils are extracted directly from the plant or tree literally separating the most powerful compounds into a highly concentrated oil by using essential oils you are harnessing the protective and healing powers of the plant.

Unless specified, I only use organic, Non GMO ingredients in all of my products. In the making of my products, I use only stainless steel, ceramic and/or glass. My goal is to live as toxin free as possible and I pass that integrity on to you. I do not make products ahead of time. When you order, it will be made just for you. This is my passion, to do what I can to stop companies from poisoning us with toxic ingredients just to make money. I never knew how bad it was until I started researching my own health problems and now I am determined to stop it. My promise to you is that you get the best most effective product that is all natural. Made with much care and devotion to my cause.