How does Distant Healing Work?

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Humankind has always believed in healing at a distance. It is only in recent history that people have questioned its effectiveness. The short answer is that nobody knows exactly how it works. At first, this sounds alarming because a humans tendency is to demand to know before they can believe. The truth is that we do not know how many things in the Universe work. Like with physics: Quantum Physics still has physicists stumped. They know that something is happening, but do not know how and what exactly.

Many people dismiss the fact that distant healing works. To be honest, just a few years ago I would have laughed at the thought that distant healing is possible. To be skeptical at first when confronted with a new idea is understandable. The human mind needs to have an understanding that fits into its current view of the world. When confronted with a new concept or world view, if does not have a frame of reference, the mind can prematurely dismisses the idea at once.

Many studies have been done on distant healing and the question IF it works has already been answered. Even though studies have proven the validity of distant healing, this knowledge has not made it into the mainstream awareness. This is because we lack a scientific understanding of HOW it works. With distant healing, consciousness plays the major part, and scientists do not know what consciousness itself is. That being said, we have no idea how to explain the nature of distant healing.

Most scientists still believe that consciousness is completely local and is confined to specific points in space and time. They think it can be found “inside the brain”, but many studies have shown that consciousness is “non-local”, which means it is not defined to any particular space, and therefore can also not be found within the brain. Because consciousness is “non-local” it is also not confined to time, as space and time are bound together by the laws of physics.

Here are a few things we know about how distant healing works:

Phase 1: The first phase involves the activities and intentions of the “healer”, where the individual puts himself into a meditative state. This state has been very well researched and there are measureable physiological changes involved, like changes in EEG patterns, MRI´s and PeT scan data, as well as immune modification and cardiovascular changes.

Phase 2: We call this phase non-local, because in distant healing the healing effects are not bound to space. This means that the effects do not diminish with distance, so it does not matter how far the healer and the “healee” are separated.

Phase 3: This is the effect the healing has on the “healee”. Depending on the intentions and skills of the “healer”, the positive effects can be far reaching and range from healing of emotional issues to measurable physiological changes.

Physicists have taken subatomic particles and separated them over vast distances. What they saw was that if they changed one particle, the other particle instantaneously changed too! It did not matter how big the separation of these particles was, nor did time seemed to play a role. The particles acted as if they were still connected, or never separated at all. Einstein famously called this “spooky action at a distance”.

Even though quantum physics gets a bit closer to understanding distant healing, it still lacks a valid model through which the effects can be explained. This is another reason why many people are not willing to investigate, or consider the possibilities. Even in medicine we do not know how most prescription drugs work. We have a theory of how it works, but a model only tries to explain the how. This does not necessarily mean that a model represents the truth.

The fact is that remote healing has been shown to work. Now comes the fun part of understanding how and using its benefits to help humanity.

Much Love,
Kimberly Bowling

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