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Triple power for Cravings and Metabolism. Sodalite, Apatite and Obsidian Gemstones for Weightloss

As each individuals weightloss journey is unique, so are the gemstone needed to help. For best results please email me details of your issues. We will work together to find the correct combination specific to you. I have had much success with using gemstones as a weightloss tool. Each persons...

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About us

Hi! I'm Kimberly, Welcome to my shop!!

I am so glad you are here. I have so much to share with you and I hope you will be as excited about this journey as I am. I believe you are visiting my shop for a reason. Even if it is just to get your curiosity going enough to look deeper into Earths beautiful gifts to us. Thus, leading you to magnificent findings. While shopping in my store, I encourage you to follow your heart. If you are attracted to a piece or if it catches your eye, it is for a reason. It would be helpful for you to focus on the pictures instead of the words. The gemstones can do so much more than I could list or put in a simple headline. By focusing on the picture as a whole, you will know better if it is right for you. Trust yourself!


I will look up stones for all of your issues. I like to get to the root of the issue and not necessarily just the symptoms. From the list of all of the stones that could be used, I use my intuition or gut feelings to choose. I may email you a few times with questions or for your input. I really try hard to make sure you will get what you need. When I am finished choosing the stones, I will email you the names and descriptions for your input. I want you to trust yourself, if one or more does not sound right to you or if you have a 'nagging' feeling about any of them please tell me your concerns or feelings. When we agree about the stones to use, I will make your bracelet and send you a picture for approval before I totally finish it. Upon your approval, I will send you an invoice and the process will be done.


I have recently discovered the genuine healing powers of crystals and stones. It is real and it is amazing!!! My passion is to enlighten people about this remarkable holistic healing approach and what I have learned over the past three years. I want you to truly believe what these sacred beauties can do, because I as a skeptic, I now BELIEVE. I am inspired to do this through making jewelry because wearing jewelry is easy and trendy. But the real benefit of using jewelry in crystal healing comes from the fact that jewelry is worn on our energy meridians, which are energy channels 'transporting' life force energy throughout the body. So, jewelry is a magnificent way to have the transformative energies from Earths healers to be transported as well. I ask this of you, even if you do not buy from me, do a little research on crystals. You will be as amazed as me.

Healling naturally with gemstones eventually led me to essential oils and herbs which I call plant therapy. It just makes sense to me to use what the ancients used, what our beautiful precious Earth gave to us. In our world todaychemicals and toxins are in our medicine, household cleaners, our food and even the air that we breathe. Did you know that 10% of cancer is genetically based and 90% is environmental based? How scary is that! Essential oils are extracted directly from the plant or tree, literally separating its most powerful compounds into a highly concentrated oil. All you have to do is rub it on your skin or inhale its wonderful scent to get the benefits from it. And what I like most is that they leave no toxins behind! I have spent a few years learning about plant therapy and I want to share what I have learned with you through my natural organic products. Of course my advice is free. If you have any questions, I will help you in any way that I can. I do have alot of knowledge that I would love to share.


I started this journey 3 years ago when I was attuned to Reiki levels 1 and 2 in the same weekend. That one weekend started a whole new life for me. A life that is really amazing. I love working with energy and I am always learning new information and new techniques. What I love most is watching people come alive and take back their own power, their own health and their own amazing life!

I have been certified in the following for Reiki: Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master, Animal Reiki Master, Kundalini Reiki Levels 1-9, Guardian Angel Reiki, Using Crystals with Reiki

In Crystal healing, I have been certified in the following: Sensing Subtle Energy with Crystals and Stones,Gemstones for Womb Healing, Crystals for Healing: Crystal Therapy in the Multi Dimensions, Advanced Crystal Healing, Advanced Crystal Healing Layouts, Chakra Healing with Crystals and Stones, Creating a Crystal Healing Mandala, Crystal Reflexology and Accupressure, Crystals and Sacred Geometry. This month (Dec 2016) I've completed 2 more courses, scoring 100%. Gem Waters, Crystal Essences and Elixirs and Vibrational Sprays and Healing Crystals for Our Animal Companions.

I have also received my certificate of completion with distinction as a Holistic Therapist and have my Credentials of Ministry and was ordained in 2015. All certificates are from approved and accredited schools and associations.

DISCLAIMER: Healing is wholeness, it is our whole essence: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. As with any type of healing there is no guarantee for instant results or miracle cures. Crystal healing can only help, it never harms you in any way and is always done with the highest good in mind. Energy Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather complement and enhance it. It should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy but one what is a part of a holistic healing approach.

Rosalind on Oct 6, 2016- Wonderful, wonderful artisan and this bracelet is really magic! Kim really has a special gift and her work reflects that.

Abigail Parker on Aug 4, 2016- It's truly beautiful -better in person than in the pictures even! Kim was amazing in helping make this bracket exactly as I wanted it to be, even when I changed my mind she was patient and thorough. I am not sure about the effects as I just received it, but I am optimistic!

ihumph25 on Jul 24, 2016- I received this bracelet yesterday & it is fantastic! How it was shipped & the instructions on charging it are awesome! I will continue with this review after I wear it for awhile. It's too soon to say how the rejuvenation is coming along.

Shona Harris on Mar 26, 2016- I wish I could give this seller more than 5 stars! She went up and above. The seller sent this gemstone bracelet in brown rice to protect its energy. She also sent a long description of the metaphysical and healing properties of each stone on the bracelet; as well as how to take care of it for optimal healing benefits. Also extra gift bags (because it came with another purchase) in case it is a gift. Also if there are any questions/concerns to write her. Thank you, thank you! Many blessings.

Michele Giese on Feb 15, 2016- Kim custom made this bracelet for a birthday gift for a friend! As always the quality of her work is an A+++ She went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the bracelet before Shipping it off. My friend loves the bracelet and is already seeing a difference in emotions becoming balanced! Thank you Kim for another amazing product!

Michele Giese on Jul 17, 2015- Beautiful bracelet and very good quality! Working with Kim is such a pleasure. She truly goes above and beyond to work with you in designing what you want and what you need for your specific needs. I'm extremely pleased with doing business with her. This is the second item I've bought as gifts and each recipient has been very impressed with the quality and results. I'll be back! Thanks Kim for the passion you have in your work.

Angie on Jun 3, 2015- I love my customized bracelet. The owner really does take interest and portrays sincerity about you benefiting from the therapeutic benefits of the stones she uses in her designs.

Carol Engroff on Feb 3, 2015- Kim is so great to work with. And patient too! She made my bracelet exactly to my specifications! It is a bit too soon to tell if it is working, but I have dropped a few pounds, so it's a step in the right direction!

jtheoharis1 on Jan 23, 2015- Kimmy just didn't send me the bracelet... She inquired about my issues so that she could CUSTOM make this piece to suit my needs. I am in awe. Thank you! is working...